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Pharmacy Asymptomatic Testing Program

Albertans are encouraged reach out to a participating pharmacy for more information about how to arrange a test.


Pharmacy providers resources


Covid-19 Information for Pharmacists

Pharmacy Asymptomatic Testing Program

Albertans who are well and asymptomatic and wanting to be tested will need to call ahead to the pharmacy in advance to arrange an appointment for testing and additional instructions from the pharmacy.

Pharmacy-based Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing Program information

Pharmacy-based Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing FAQ

APL Health Care Provider Information Form

APL Specimen Collection Kit Order Form

Patient Checklist - Pharmacy asymptomatic testing program

Throat Specimen Collection

Pharmacy Asymptomatic Testing Consent Script

Alberta Precision Labs (APL) pharmacy information package and enrollment checklist

Enrollment Checklist for COVID-19 Asymptomatic Testing Program

Throat Swab Collection

Alberta Blue Cross claiming process (Benefact 870).

Pharmacy reference guides

Alberta pharmacies

Reference Guide for Alberta pharmacies

Compensation guide

Critical Supply Product List (Excel)

Critical Supply Product List (PDF)

British Columbia and Saskatchewan pharmacies

Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut pharmacies

Canadian pharmacies

Alberta Blue Cross Guide to Step Therapy

Alberta Blue Cross Standard Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) Drugs and Reference Price Listing

ASEBP and ARTA TARP Drugs and Reference Price Listing

ARTA member FAQs regarding TARP policy

ASEBP member FAQs regarding TARP policy

Alberta Health - Over 100 days’ supply authorization request form

Maintenance Medication Program Drug Listing

Pharmacist Prescriber Special Authorization Registration Form

Pharmaceutical Services Provider Agreement (reference copy only)

Access to Pride RT Guidelines

MAC Pricing on Alberta Government Sponsored Plans

MAC Pricing Categories

Calcium Channel Blockers details

Statin details

ACE Inhibitors details

Patient information sheet

Alberta Government Biosimilars Initiative

Please Note - New Information on the Biosimilar Intiative

Patient Information Sheet

Healthcare Professionals Guide


Biosimilar Initiative Patient List Request Form

Biosimilar Initiative Exception Request Form

Patient Supports and Infusion Clinics