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Important information about COVID-19

Including information on travel restrictions, virtual care and prescription drugs.

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Information for individual travel plan members

How to claim

Before going ahead with any emergency treatment, contact the Travel Assistance Service. Failure to do so may invalidate your claim. Here is a complete list of steps you should take to submit your claim.


You may require a specific form as part of your claiming process. In this section, find forms for claiming, requesting a refund and providing consent to release medical information.

Who to contact in an emergency

Knowing who to contact in an out-of-province or out-of-country emergency can help save significant time. Here is important contact information you might need should an emergency occur.

Travel advisories

If a situation occurs that could affect your safety and well-being while travelling, the Department of Foreign Affairs will issue a travel advisory or warning. Before you leave on your trip, it is important to check for these warnings and advisories because they could affect your coverage. Keep up to date on any current advisories.