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Important information about COVID-19

Including information on travel restrictions, virtual care and prescription drugs.

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How to claim

In the event of illness or injury

  1. Contact the Travel Assistance Service prior to commencement of treatment. Failure to do so may invalidate the claim. The Travel Assistance numbers are on your Alberta Blue Cross ID card. Our travel assistance service can be contacted at 1-888-772-2583 from within Canada and USA. For calls from all other countries, or if there is any difficulty with the previous toll free number, call collect at 1-403-225-4289. Please have your travel plan ID number available when you call.
  2. Complete a travel claim form: Emergency Out of Province/Out of Country Claim form.
  3. Complete the Alberta Government Insurance Claim Consent and Authorization form. This form is included in the Emergency Out of Province/Out of Country Claim form linked above.
  4. Submit receipts or statements to Alberta Blue Cross along with the completed Emergency Out of Province/Out of Country Claim form and the Alberta Government Insurance Claim Consent and Authorization forms linked above.

    Please forward all claims to:

    Alberta Blue Cross
    Travel Claims Department
    PO BOX 3888, Station B
    Montreal (Quebec) H3B 3L7

Claims must be received by Alberta Blue Cross within 12 months of the date of service. When submitting claims to Alberta Blue Cross, you must always include the following:

  1. Diagnosis and details of services rendered.
  2. Original invoice and other supporting receipts. (Invoice is a detailed list of services provided).
  3. Patient’s Travel ID number.
  4. Patient’s Alberta Personal Health Number.
  5. Patient’s Alberta Blue Cross coverage number, if a member.
  6. Details of other health or travel insurance plans the patient may have.
  7. Name and phone number of patient’s Canadian physician.

The Covered Person’s Canadian physician will be contacted by Alberta Blue Cross in order to verify eligibility.

If a hospital or medical provider does not accept confirmation of payment from the Travel Assistance Service or Alberta Blue Cross, the member/agreement holder or patient will be responsible for payment of any expenses incurred. To receive reimbursement for eligible expenses, the member/agreement holder or patient must obtain itemized receipts, or other reasonable evidence, for all services provided and all expenses paid by them.