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Why wellness

Last week, we talked about what wellness means to us. This week, we explore why.

With health-care spending reaching unsustainable levels across Canada, it’s time to change focus from treatment and rehabilitation to preventive wellness—we believe the workplace has a critical role to play. Six in ten Canadians believe their employer has some responsibility when it comes to ensuring their good health.

Wellness Info

We’re expanding our focus on wellness and highlighting the impact of workplace wellness efforts to ensure that the individuals and communities we serve are not only healthy, but also well. Changing the way we look at health benefits and looking at them through the lens of wellness has provided us with greater clarity on where we are going and the positive influence we can have.

We started with Balance. We embraced champions of wellness at all levels of our organization by supporting their passion and ideas in fun and exciting ways. We championed the Healthy Workplace Essentials program through Excellence Canada by completing all 10 milestones, earning our employees additional Balance bonus points. Then we created a wellness policy to provide our employees the support and permission to engage in wellness activities at work.

And this is just the beginning. We plan to expand our wellness offerings to a wide range of programs and initiatives in the coming year and beyond. Stay tuned for more!,

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