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Keeping your plan information secure

Is your info up-to-date? Make it a habit to check your personal information contained in our member site on a regular basis and, if you have a group plan, make sure your employer also has your updated info. By doing this, you’ll be helping to ensure that your plan information is even more secure—let us explain how.

Keeping your plan information secure

If there’s ever a reason you need to call us about your plan, verifying your identity over the phone will be easier. Ensuring your information is accurate will also result in fewer issues when processing your claims. For example, if you have direct deposit but recently changed banks and didn’t update your profile on the member site, this could slow down your reimbursements.

What should you check?

Direct deposit bank account info: if you switch banks, ensure you update your profile so your claim payments are deposited in the right account.

Your email: if you get rid of the email associated with your member site profile, be sure to update your profile as soon as possible with your new email address.

Your address: if you move, make sure you update the address on your profile.

Your phone numbers: if you get a new phone number, either at work or home, ensure you phone numbers are up-to-date.

Questions about how and why we collect your information? Check out the answers to some of our most common privacy policy questions here.