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Snap a photo and upload your documents in six easy steps

The new document upload feature on the Alberta Blue Cross member site and Alberta Blue Cross My Benefits app make it even easier to submit your physician’s written order, consent to disclose and power of attorney documents.

mobile phone app

From the website (either on your desktop or mobile device), all you have to do is

1. take a picture of your document,
2. sign in to the member site,
3. click Your profile and select Document upload from the drop-down menu,
4. select the type of document you wish to upload (and select patient and product or service if necessary),
5. click Choose File and find your photo, and
6. hit Upload.

If you’re using the app, simply

1. take a picture of your document,
2. sign in the app,
3. select Document upload from the home screen,
4. select the type of document from the drop-down menu (and select patient and product or service if necessary),
5. click the picture icon to find your photo and enter the date the document was issued, and
6. hit Upload.

Want to upload a physicians written order?

Once you receive a physicians written order, you can upload it to your account so it’s there when you’re ready to submit your claim. In most cases, your uploaded physician’s written order will update almost immediately, (while a content to disclose and power of attorney will take approximately two business days to update.)

When submitting your physician’s written order, you must choose the service that your written order is for. Some of these services include

• acupuncture;
• massage;
• physiotherapy;
• psychology;
• chiropractor;
• speech therapy;
• ear molds;
• hearing aid accessories;
• hearing aid batteries, chargers, or testers;
• hearing aid repairs and adjustments; and
• hearing aid purchases.

If your physician’s written order does not fall into one of these 11 categories, choose “other” and then upload the written order.

If you are submitting a physician’s written order for a previously rejected claim that was submitted by you (and not your provider), the claim will automatically be reprocessed—you don’t need to resubmit your claim.

Document upload is not for receipts

Please don’t use the document upload feature to send in receipts for a new claim or a previously submitted claim—this may result in your claim not being processed.


If you need help uploading your document, please reach out to our Customer Services team toll free at 1-800-661-6995. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (mountain standard time) Monday through Friday.