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Pharmacy Asymptomatic Testing Program

As of October 20, 2020, Alberta is pausing asymptomatic COVID-19 testing to those with no COVID-19 exposure.

Involved in your community

Every step of the way, every age, every circumstance—we’re here
We are Alberta’s partner in wellness.

How we help Albertans

Every step of the way, every age, every circumstance—we’re here
We are Alberta’s partner in wellness.

Alberta Blue Cross® is doing our part to address priority needs to support Alberta’s most vulnerable populations. Community support and connection during the current unprecedented time is more important than ever.

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Dad with son in the woods to represent families

For families, we build spaces

through grants to support infrastructure like playgrounds, skate parks and walking paths in communities across Alberta. Learn about our Healthy Communities Grant program.

A senior man and woman walking after working out.

For seniors, we grow with you

by partnering with the Government of Alberta to administer programs that empower you to take ownership of your health, such as Balance for seniors—an online platform making wellness more manageable.

A group of young adults sitting together.

For Alberta’s young adults, we learn with you

by funding scholarships in post-secondary institutions across the province. As education becomes more accessible so does preventative health. Learn about our scholarship program.

Two men fishing together.

For Albertans facing chronic health challenges, we stand with you

by working in partnership with organizations who make programs and services more accessible. Meet our partners.

Building spaces for active living

What will you build?

Our approach to impact

We work hand-in-hand with organizations who are making waves in the wellness of Albertans.


We empower communities across the province to build the right spaces for active living.


Alberta Blue Cross employees are given the time, tools and resources to make a difference in their communities.

Change agents